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Online Handbook of Argumentation for AI

What is OHAAI?

The Online Handbook of Argumentation for AI (OHAAI) is a curation of selected peer-reviewed papers summarising (ongoing) PhD work on Argumentation in AI, published as an annual online Open Access handbook. OHAAI is designed to serve as a research hub to keep track of the latest and upcoming PhD-driven research on the theory and application of argumentation in all areas related to AI. The handbook's goals are to:

  • Provide a platform for PhD students to have their work published in a citable peer-reviewed venue.
  • Present an indication of the scope and quality of PhD research involving argumentation for AI.
  • Encourage collaboration and knowledge discovery between members of the argumentation community.

Each paper included in OHAAI undergoes a rigorous single-blind peer-review process overseen by the programme committee to ensure the highest quality. Each volume thus presents a strong representation of the contemporary state-of-the-art research of argumentation in AI that has been strictly undertaken during PhD studies.

How can I contribute to OHAAI?

If you are a PhD student or recent graduate, you can contribute to OHAAI. OHAAI welcomes summaries of (ongoing) PhD projects in the field of computational argumentation, with clear indication of how your work contributes to emerging theoretical techniques and/or applications of argumentation for AI. We encourage work that aims to link AI to other areas using argumentation, inspired from disciplines such as, but not limited to: Philosophy, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Law, Health, Sociology, Communication Science, and Economics. For more details on the requirements for the next volume, see the Submit page.

Why should I contribute to OHAAI?

By contributing to OHAAI, you will have the opportunity to get your work published in a citable peer-reviewed venue. If you are just at the beginning of your PhD studies then publishing in OHAAI will help you start building your research profile from an early stage. If you are still doing your PhD and have already published some of your work or if you have recently submitted your PhD thesis, contributing to OHAAI will help boost your research profile even further, providing peers with a concise understanding of the work you have conducted during your PhD. OHAAI is a continuous annual project, which means you will be able to submit updates to your work each year in order to keep the research community in touch with the progress of your PhD.


Stay tuned for the call for papers for OHAAI Vol.5!

Paper format and content

We seek papers in the form of short research abstracts from current PhD students, or recent graduates, who wish to submit an extended abstract giving an overview of their PhD research agenda and how it relates to the field of argumentation for AI. Submissions are encouraged from all disciplines, as the ambition is to provide the best possible indication of the scope for applications of argumentation. All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. Papers must not exceed 4 pages (plus references and acknowledgements).

The papers will need to be submitted in PDF and will need to follow the LateX or MS Word templates provided in the links below.


Download the 1st issue of OHAAI from here:

OHAAI Volume 1 (2020)

Download the 2nd issue of OHAAI from here:

OHAAI Volume 2 (2021)

Download the 3rd issue of OHAAI from here:

OHAAI Volume 3 (2022)

Download the 4rd issue of OHAAI from here:

OHAAI Volume 4 (2023)

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